15 FREE/Low Cost Ways to Increase Online Exposure for Your Virtual Lessons or Online Classes

The post-COVID-19 world will recover a good deal of our everyday to-do’s and normalcy, but the zeitgeist will be forever altered. Part of this new new in the making we are spectating is defined by how our business world is and will have developed a complete virtual online mirror of its offline (more human) activities.

You may be seeing or sensing this in your company, even at the lesser stages, or you may be actively engaged in advancing a model already envisioned and adopted. Whatever the case, here are 15 business-enriching, sales-crunching tips and cues to help you make the best marketing sense of this transition, a primer of what is yet to come.

Our #1 tip right now is…

1. Make sure your course gets actively displayed on Google Search Results 

The easiest ways to do this is by creating your event on Eventbrite, since Google automatically displays events on that platform. This is a sure-fire method to ensure critical mass and foot traffic for your marketing efforts—to the amazing tune of 100% improvement, as reported by Eventbrite. Your event will be eligible on Google’s interactive event experience, upping your lead conversion and your site product and service line’s presence online for many others to discover and interact with. 

2. Use Google My Business listing

Did you know you can offer promotions and also do consistent postings on your Google listing? Well you can so take advantage!

3. Create a promotional video on YouTube. 

Highlight and feature your strongest keywords*. Google owns YouTube, so this will show in the search results, actively feeding from these buzzwords. YouTube videos can rank even higher than websites. If it does well, consider running ads for this content.

4. Optimize your social media profiles

Getting in the custom of showcasing and selling your personal brand and your status as an expert in your field. Again, link up here too!

5. Publish a book on Amazon.

Whether on digital Kindle format or on paper, this revenue stream should not be dismissed, but mostly it will drive more students to your courses as you actively promote your book in your courses and online platforms.

6. Harness the juice from Local Meetup Groups

Whether you attend as a speaker or set up your own group, or both, this is a formidable way to directly address your target audience and establish leadership. Presentations need to be 80% content-25% sales pitch. And remember, opting for a virtual meetup group can work just as well at less than half the price.

7. Contribute to other blogs and publications. 

Make them unique to each site, a good fit for your audience, and feature a link to your course and website in you author bio.

8. Partner with other online instructors. 

Capitalize on the complementary nature of both your contents’ strengths, or design a package deal.

9. Use Relevant Facebook Groups

Comment on Facebook groups / Start your own. Remember that self-promotion and direct sales are frowned upon or forbidden here, so focus on branding yourself as an established authority, sharing tips and useful info.

10. Use Linkedin

Push the professional networking envelope here to build connections and, eventually, attract students and buyers. LinkedIn also has groups that you can collaborate and contribute your knowledge to.

11. Have bloggers review your course/event/class

A good review from a recognized source —could even be an affiliate on commission— can definitely help with sales.

12. Record a Google Hangout or Zoom call

And publish the video on YouTube. Why not another video calling platform? Well, Google owns both these technologies, so their preferential search result treatment goes here.

13. Host a live video on social media

Instagram, Youtube, Facebook… your pick, but remember they are all doubling down on live videos.

14. Post a slideshow on SlideShare. 

Give those PowerPoint presentations you’re so fond of extra scope and tracking.

15. Insert a course link in your email signature. 

Start using your intense email exchange as a hub for overt self-promotion.

*Inreact Tip: Get first dibs on keyword inputting on either Google Keyword Planner or on Google Trends.


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