Month: December 2016

Twitter: A Marketing Goldmine

It wasn’t all that long ago that I remember a colleague telling me just to “tweet” it to them and I felt nothing but confusion. Today, tweeting on the massively popular and profitable website Twitter has gained so much notoriety that many celebrities are even tweeting for pay! As of February 2011, Twitter was reported to be the 13th most popular site in the United States by Google Double Click Ad Planner.

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Top Google Search Results Without Going Insane

Being ranked as the first website for a keyword that is very high-competition for your company is a huge feat. This takes a strong understanding of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, as well as many other details, some that Google keeps secret and some that you can achieve on your own or with a trusted online marketing company. By employing certain techniques, your website can move to the top of Google Search results.

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Spirited Eggnog Recipe

It’s the holiday season, so it’s time to celebrate with family and friends and look back at all we’ve learned, lived, lost and loved.

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The Skinny on Search Engines: Site Search Results

Site search results come to us in many different ways. The most-used search engines are Google, Yahoo! MSN and Bing. But what is the difference between them? There has to be a reason why these are the top search engines used, right? Well, here are some little tidbits you may, or may not have known about these popular search engine empires.

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SEO Companies and What They Do

There are many different elements that come together to create a successful online marketing campaign. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of them. There are many companies that perform SEO marketing within their online marketing campaigns. What is important to know before investing in an SEO-based campaign is exactly what SEO is and what SEO companies really do in order to improve your online stats.

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