5 Industries that Need an App

Every day, more and more companies across all types of industries are catching up to the trends of their increasingly technologically inclined target audiences by becoming more accessible through mobile apps. With the fast advancement of everyday technology and the constant flood of ads and info online, it’s no surprise that many companies are choosing apps as a way to create more engagement, trust, and loyalty among customers. 

These days, any business- small or large- can reap the all of the great advantages of having a mobile app. Here are the top five industries that could really benefit from a mobile app:


You may not think “construction” when you think of mobile apps but it’s one of the industries that could benefit the most from one. Anyone who has been involved in a construction project can tell you about how complicated and time consuming it can be. An app can help maximize time and efficiency by providing a platform where critical information, like contracts and blueprints are shared, helping maintain clarity between contractors and clients.

Health Care

Over the past few years, many health care firms have seen substantial benefits from mobile apps including quicker ways to connect with patients and staff, minimizing missed appointments through app reminders and increasing trust among patients by providing information on what to do in an urgent care situation. Based on a recent survey, half of healthcare professionals plan to introduce apps in the next three to five years, which will certainly aid in patient satisfaction and retention.


A mobile app can be tremendously beneficial for students and educators alike. An app can facilitate the distribution of material and submission of assignments, keeping students and professors accountable along the way. Based on statistics, close to 52% of students revealed that they checked their phones before getting out of bed so it is unsurprising that the future of education may be quite literally in the palm of our hands.


Many clothing stores and fashion brands use mobile apps to easily update their products and promote sales strategies. Brands can incorporate store locators and boost both digital and in-store traffic with the help of an app.


Entertainment is a broad industry with a broader audience. Millions use entertainment apps daily on their downtime or in between tasks. Beyond the Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media apps, there’s a world of entertainment in the mobile apps realm that can range from games like the exhilarating Temple Run to the comical Angry Birds. A mobile app is essential to businesses in entertainment to connect with their users.

Mobile apps can be powerful tools in any industry. Not only can apps increase brand awareness, traffic, and revenue for your business, it can create an enjoyable experience for the user by facilitating access and information. Want to learn more about building the right app for your business, call 1-855-4-INREACT.  Let’s click!


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