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Website Service Plans, also dubbed Maintenance Plans, have a key role in what has become known as grabbing and staying power. That is, your site’s capacity to almost immediately grab the (positive) attention of users, which of course is done mostly with visual cues, even superficial ones. Then comes the tricky part of having them hang around long enough, or stay, to explore your corporate ethos, service offer, brand identity, and content messaging, ultimately to become leads or right-out clients. This has almost everything to do with site usability and interest ratings. What it boils down to is more minutes spent by “your” prospect on your website. As we all know by now, it’s where it’s at: having them stick to and engage with your website and having them come back for more. 

Cold fact: First impressions are 94% design-related.

This according to a study by British researchers[1], whereby the remaining 6% are content-related, which puts great onus on, basically, the look and feel of your website from the get go. Naturally, poor interface design —which, as we shall see, has everything to do with website maintenance once the site is “on air”— provoked immediate rejection and mistrust. Consequent research by Google and Stanford University confirmed as much: that people arrive at these first impressions in as little as 17-50 milliseconds, so websites operate in the same psychological sphere as the snap judgements everyone forms when they meet other people. More? It only takes 2.6 seconds for the web users to settle and form an opinion on key site areas, namely, logo, navigation menu, search box, hero image, written content, etc., all the way to the bottom of the page, which always attracts the least amount of interested parties. 

Relevant Web Design & Usability Stats and Takeaways

75% of website credibility comes from design

89% of consumers shop elsewhere after a poor user experience

74% of users will probably return to mobile-friendly websites

73% of companies use design to give their brand an edge over competitors

66% of people prefer a beautifully designed website if given 15 minutes to consume content

88% of users spend more time on pages with videos

34% of consumers will probably make unplanned purchases if receiving personalized content

83% of people expect a website to load in 3 seconds or less

$2.6 billion revenue loss per year for slow-loading websites


Website Service Plan: The What ‘n How 

What is a website service plan? It’s a premium and ongoing maintenance plan that focuses on keeping your website working at tip-top levels, up to date, and addressing the changing component needs your online presence requires as it expands.

Typically, it will cover this:

  • Core: WordPress
  • Plugins: newness and incompatibility issues
  • Themes
  • Content: text, blog posts, comment handling, email, etc.
  • Layout
  • Updates: to the five elements above and more
  • Testing
  • Backups: automatic or manual, but on a regular schedule
  • Analysis: high-powered analytics tools
  • Security: threats and attacks, fixes, backup restore when needed
  • Monitoring: speed, 404 and other errors, broken links, and other issues
  • Marketing: social media presence plans, advertising, email and newsletter campaigns
  • Resources: keep clients on the know of latest tools for growth capabilities
  • Consulting: content, usability and design suggestions, growth capabilities, training, etc.

Picking up on this last cue, a service plan is a great way to keep on a positive keel with your client, earning trust, building relationships and staying ahead of the game at every turn of their business needs. This is where consulting gets creative and most of this premium status comes into play: delivering true pièce de resistance features will also set your service apart. 







[1] Study on how Design and Information Content Factors influence trust and mistrust of online health sites.

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