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This week I listened to a Ted talk that was given by Amy Cuddy who explained the significance of practicing power poses for success. As I listened to talk, I realized that we got it all wrong. We go into a job interview thinking, “Is my resume good enough?” or “I have to make sure to talk about that other job.” And what we should really be thinking is “I already have the job.”

However, So here are two main things that we should practice:

 1. “Fake it till you become it”

Faking you success is exactly what you should do to get there. Wake up and believe that you’re that CEO. You will notice that this gives you more confidence to the point that you forget you’re faking it. 

2. Practice Power Poses

Amy says that body language is actually one of the underlying reasons for getting hired as per her research and personal experience. She explains that one thing that successful and powerful people do are power poses. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should at all times be in one of these positions because it might be a bit much. Two minutes a day of power posing could really change the way you feel and your nonverbals, which is the body language you exert to the world.


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