Business Reviews: The Best Way to Say Thanks

Thanksgiving is upon us. And so, it is the season to be thankful for a number of reasons.  

In corporate terms this means driving good reviews and, yet, so many companies out there are missing out due to inaction. 

Here are a few well-known facts that should get firms committed to proactive business review management.

Reputation drives conversion: Even with bad reviews. Clients who interact with bad reviews spend five times more time on a site, intrinsically trust the reviews more when there’s a good balance between good-average-bad, and ultimately convert 85% more often.

Business reviews and social posts shape online reputation. Do not look elsewhere, look towards these drivers face to face. Help shape the conversation of your company online. 

Reviews affect many: 67% of consumers are actually influenced by the reviews when making their final choice.

Reviews are an invaluable source of feedback: If organic, the feedback could not get any more truthful than this. Therefore, this should set your business on the right track for any number of issues or concepts.

Asking clients to leave a review is not bad form. It is true that wording, the way you ask and, ultimately, processing the information is hard work, but still very much worth your while. Asking for feedback nicely is always the first best step.

User-generated content has the greatest influence on consumers, to the point that many studies out there are placing it well above the actual search engine results. 

Reputable business review sites are preferable. It is easier to ask a client to leave a review in a business review site than on your own. 

Consumers look for reviews much more than for discounts or pricing info. Over 50 per cent look for peer reviews, while only 34% do so for deals and promotions.

Online reviews are the most significant factor for local search engine rankings. This according to the latest study by LocalSEO Guide, the University of California Irvine, and PlacesScout, which just comes to confirm the myriad other studies which hinted or concluded likewise in the past.

Star ratings are king. Consumers prize star ratings above all other considerations, a system which could increase click-through rates by 25 per cent. Since click-through rates enhance rankings, this will also drive your SEO.

So what are some of the top business review sites?

  • Google My Business: ranked nº 1 by Alexa, is meant for any and all businesses.
  • Facebook: of course, is an extremely popular review resource.
  • Amazon: Reviews on this website are primarily focused on e-commerce.
  • Yelp: again geared at all businesses.
  • Trip Advisor: This site is specifically focused on travel, with special attention paid to hotel accommodation and restaurants/food.
  • Yellow Pages: All businesses.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): Consumer advocacy group geared at all businesses.
  • Manta: Online directory service geared at all businesses.
  • Foursquare: Specializes in restaurants.
  • Angie’s List: Local, service-based listings.
  • Bing Places: Still driving a considerable amount of traffic, so not to be dismissed.
  • Epinions: Consumer, not company, driven review site for products.
  • G2 Crowd: It is the leading B2B software review provider online. 
  • Largest employee review site online.
  • Home Advisor: Specializing in Home services.
  • Hundred X: All businesses.
  • Merchant Circle: All businesses.
  • Open Table: Restaurant-specific. 
  • Site Jabber: Products and services for just about everything.
  • TrustRadius: Again, business software. 
  • Healthgrades: Review site for doctors and healthcare practices.
  • Avvo: Specialized in legal services.
  • E-Rehab: Reviewing the world of physical therapy.
  • Cruisecritic: For cruise insider reviews. 

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