Keeping abreast of technology and applying the resulting savvy to your everyday procedures can prove a daunting task. Many-a-startup is put off by the sheer investment in time and understanding necessary to streamline its own business—even established firms with the manpower to assume this undertaking lean, more often than not, towards outsourcing, with the ensuing consulting, even overhead, expenses. Not very efficient, is it?

Change your perspective. Give yourself some happy: the process of learning and selecting the best suited apps for your company is, as you will discover, fun and interesting. And in doing so, put the very notion of time budgeting and efficiency funneling to the test in-house. One immediate benefit you will stumble upon is how the freemium model you mean to initially apply to client relations, time management, and clerical processes, serves you too. Testing the waters was never more immediately informative… or cheaper.

Here is a list of 5 easy-access, easy-integration apps that Inreact makes use of… oh, and we’re not trying to sell you our particular brand of hip. Most of these are unicorns, industry leaders, pretty much the norm in firms of all sizes in the United States and worldwide.



Free. Forever. That’s an alliteration we are proud to use or abuse. Because as Hubspot’s own claim reads: Why pay for a CRM when there is one for free? And it is really true, with an incredible range of functionality in freemium mode. Unlike some of its competitors, it includes unlimited users, so you can just add and add with no end in sight. Also, the Academy does agreat job of training, once again at no cost. Data entry is considerably simplified, so your teams can keep the eye on the ball, i.e., improving customer satisfaction, and thus, sales. Plus, it’s got social media, website, and Hubspot’s very own marketing system integration. A big, fat kudos!


Evernote is a free productivity tool that syncs across all your devices. Heck, even your Moleskine notebook!! You get to record and track all your ideas, to-do’s, and projects in text, voice and image formats. You even get to add attachments, OCR your content, create PDF files, and perform cloud management. And off you go, share at will with colleagues and clients, so your efficiency bucket list is pretty much covered with this multi-platform app. 


Well, of course, you need to be in the realm of Google to really understand and take care of business with GCal. But hey, it’s not like we’re asking for an Olympic triple jump just out of pre-school. As anyone who has ever used it will tell you, it’s most outstanding feature is the push functionality, automatically doing all the data entry by default All you then need to do is double check all is A-OK. Program or schedule your meetings, your deadlines, your one-on-one with the boss… and all your devices will be automatically updated. A must-have tool when budgeting time.


Always a classic, this app transfers content from your computer to other devices the easy way. Get this here… put it there… that easy. There are many applications that do the same thing, but Dropbox is free and manages to just keep it simpler than the rest. The app even lets you access and share important files on the go for added time efficiency.


As opposed to Dropbox, which is primarily used to share media content, this app is more geared toward a professional project-based team that needs to share on-the-go information by just linking into a common platform. “One of the best things Google Drive does is actually integrate a lot of smaller, very creative productivity add-ons developed by tech startups to help the tool always be in the cutting edge” says avid user François Chastel, CTO of Flim, from France. And so, this one-stop app enables people and teams close and far to spark up their collaborative pizzazz… and really contribute their individual expertise to synched team spirit.


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