Case Study: Cigar Stud Events

You’ve heard it before- “it’s not what you say but how you say it!” We know that there’s truth to this, but it doesn’t end there. How often do you think about how you show it? In our last blog, we highlighted the importance and impact of professional photography on your business’ branding. Today, we explore how professional photography helped one of our highly esteemed #InreactInsiders reach their target and expand their business in a matter of months. 

Client: Cigar Stud


Cigar Stud offers cigar rolling services for a variety of events, offering their clientele premium boutique cigars. They learned about Inreact through
a Google Ad and were in the beginning stages of expanding their business when they came to us 10 years ago. Having been active for years at the time,
they were not getting the type of clientele they wanted. Their goal was to book upscale weddings and high-level corporate events.


After building an aesthetically pleasing, responsive website, we recommended that they swap the original stock photography with professional photographs
to capture their highly acclaimed professionalism and boutique feel.

The investment was well worth it. Once they replaced the old content on their website and other platforms, with the original photos, they immediately connected
with their target audience.

The company experienced an immediate growth. The message was precise and clear: we service customers wanting an exclusive, unique service. Cigar Stud started
hosting events for high-level brands such as Cadillac, Jack Daniel’s Puma, and Celebrity Cruises. They booked wedding events that were hosted in venues
such as the Fontainebleau Hotel, The Ritz Carlton, Vizcaya, and the Versace mansion.

Cigar Stud came to us with a vision that we understood and gave them valuable perspective which strengthened their brand and our relationship. This is perhaps one of the major benefits of becoming an #InreactInsider – your vision becomes ours, allowing us to identify solutions that are parallel with your marketing goals. This is through our over 30 years of combined experience and our numerous interactions with businesses across various industries. To learn more about the Inreact approach and how we can build together, call 1-855-4-INREACT or visit

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