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Google Search vs. Display Campaigns

Strengths & Main Differencess   If online advertising is the name of the game, Google’s Search Engine and Display ads are truly the big enchiladas! The two most important online advertising campaign channels within Google’s motley range. Tuning into the many strengths and benefits of either one —and avoiding the pitfalls— will make all the

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The Right Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Informed Choices, Wise Decisions   Social media channels are a top notch-fly high marketing tool, allowing small businesses to stay target-effective. Each platform has its own ‘User Editorial Line’, complete with unique quirks and content-interaction specificities. Being aware of these nuances is applied social biz investment intelligence at its best. Triaging through major social media

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Benefits of Email Marketing For Your Business

Potent, Dynamic Wherewithal   In a nutshell, email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective and conversion-rich actionable strategies in digital marketing. It is powerful, incorporates extreme flexibility to your dynamo, is a low budget, and, although just one of the potential channels for direct marketing, is ideal for omnichannel strategies. The ROI of email

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Competitive Analysis

Actionable Market Research   Most likely, you are missing out on very important market intelligence drawn from actionable market research if you are not performing a comprehensive (potential) competitor perusal… most simply tagged competitive analysis. It helps you understand what you are doing correctly, even well, what areas you need to focus on or improve,

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What Is Inbound Marketing and How It Can Help Your Business

Attract, Engage, and Delight Definition A non-invasive business strategy, whereby you create valuable and compelling content and experiences specifically tailored to a curated audience you want to attract to your website. The idea is to engage at scale but treat the prospect individually, thus making a deeper connection without the fuss of intrusive marketing techniques.

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5 Pain Points Website Service Plans Remedy

Garnering customer pain points often posits business conundrums that are seemingly impossible to overcome. While Inreact does not believe that service plans are the panacea, least of all a placebo, it is more than ready to assert that this simple, often no-frills, the-price-is-right solution takes care of some, if not many, of the immediate cause

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Full Coverage Website Service Plan

Website Service Plans, also dubbed Maintenance Plans, have a key role in what has become known as grabbing and staying power. That is, your site’s capacity to almost immediately grab the (positive) attention of users, which of course is done mostly with visual cues, even superficial ones. Then comes the tricky part of having them hang around long enough, or stay, to explore your corporate ethos, service offer, brand identity, and content messaging, ultimately to become leads or right-out clients.

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How Much Does it Cost to Maintain My Website?

Less than one year ago, this blog discussed the costs of setting up a website. The varying gap between DIY and custom-designed websites was addressed and we established several industry benchmark figures… which are, of course, guidance against which to rebound your budget. And so, we established that…

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Does My Website Need to Be ADA Compliant?

Updates, especially in the form of WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), and further addenda to legislation, standards, and best practices made it abundantly clear that, at first, the Americans with Disabilities Act was primarily geared at local and state government websites.

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