Content Management System aka CMS

A CMS was designed to make the job of web designers easier. However, as web designers, we realized that customers grew more aware of how websites work and in time they had enough knowledge to create simple HTML sites themselves.

We realized that customers no longer needed our help to change simple things like text or images on their website. After all, if our customers paid for their site they should have the right to control the site themselves.

We provide our customers a Content Management System for customers that do not need constant changes to their site or for those who have the time to edit their site themselves. 

We always make sure to provide the following for your Content Management System (CMS) website:

  • A Manual
  • Training
  • Bug support

The advantages of the Content Management System are the following:

• Change image/text in seconds
• Have complete control of your site 
• Easy for those who have little computer literacy
• Maintain your site for free without paying monthly maintenance fees

To purchase or ask about our basic CMS site please give us a call at 1-855-4-INREACT or post your questions under this blog post.

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