The Power of Email Marketing for Businesses & International Organizations

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Potential and existing customers want to feel connected to your business. One effective way of keeping the communication alive is through email marketing.

For a strategy that requires minimum resources, email marketing is highly effective. In 2025, email users worldwide is forecast at 4.6 billion—more than half of the forecasted world population. And for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can get an average return of $42.

Thus, reaching out through email is something worth investing in. Whether it’s to encourage potential customers to do business with you or send promotional news, email marketing is a strategy you won’t want your business to miss out on.

Why Choose Inreact?

Inreact is a Florida-based marketing firm with a team of online marketing experts that can help you with your email marketing strategy. From setting up your account to designing your email template, you’ll get the support of marketing professionals.

Inreact offers the Starter Email Marketing Campaign, which allows you to personalize your content and share it across social media platforms. With this service, you can increase brand awareness for your business in a consistent manner.

The services in this package include:

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