Fun Friday: Office Pranks

Us here at Inreact know how important it is to not only work hard, but at times to also have fun. We realize that a happy work place helps for a better work environment. So from time to time, we might joke a little. We eat lunches together–maybe even play some pranks on each other. So, for this Fun Friday edition, we are going to share some fun great ideas that will get a lot of laughs and perhaps even freak a few people out.

  1. MAKE ALL THE PHONES IN YOUR OFFICE RING SIMULTANEOUSLY This first one takes about a day or a few hours of planning ahead, but it’s worth it. Makes sure to have the numbers of all the lines at your office, faxes and cell phones of everyone. First, install Skype and use the conference option. Begin two conference calls. On one, start putting in all numbers of the business. For the other everyone’s cell phone numbers. Make all the office lines go off together. When that happens, suggest it must be something wrong with the system. Immediately after, set off everyone’s cell phones. This will make everyone eerie. Soon after though, let everyone know it was you. You don’t want them calling T.A.P.S. to come out and investigate. ;]
  2. OPTICAL MOUSE CONFUSION Now, here’s a simple updated mouse trick. On the bottom of the mouse where the laser sensor is put a small piece of clear tape over it. Sharpie over the non-sticky side and watch how the mouse begins to act up. This simple trick will get whoever is being pranked on really going for a bit.
  3. SCREENSHOT AS WALLPAPER PRANK A great old prank is the setting the wallpaper as the screen shot prank. When the would-be victim steps away from their computer, take a screen shot of their desktop. Next, set it as their desktop wallpaper. Then, hide away all their desktop icons and minimize any open windows. Afterward, set the task bar on auto hide. When they get back sit back and watch how they become flustered trying to figure out why their computer is frozen.
  4. DRIVE A WINDOWS USER INSANE“Driving a Windows User Insane” or “Restart Remap” is another easy but fun prank. All you have to do is go here and it’ll explain step by step how to do this:
  5. ROTATE THE SCREEN DISPLAYED We tried the rotating the screen prank here at Inreact on someone in the office. It turned out pretty great–the co-worker was a great sport about it. He just logged in and searched on Google how to unrotate his screen. When he searched the web, he found how to do and undo this trick. All it is is 3 keys Ctrl + Alt + Arrow. The arrow you choose will be for whichever way you want to rotate the screen. Simple because it’s a harmless prank but so funny because it’s a bit of a pain to the pranky.
  6. PAPER CUP TABLE TOPWell, the paper cup table top will take a little bit of time and you will have to be careful. You get a bunch of paper cups staple them together and fill them all up with water as close as you can to the top. When the person comes back to get a cup, they’ll get a big surprise. You might want to move away their computer first though. You wouldn’t want to end up having the water fall on it. Then it wouldn’t be such a fun harmless prank anymore.
  7. COMPUTER TOURETTES- The Computer Tourettes prank is pretty easy. Go to this link in order to get codes. But, remember that you might want to make sure they’re not going to automatically send any emails. What this prank does is insert cuss words as they are typing.
  8. CRACKED LCD SCREEN SAVER- Another neat prank that is just as devious as the computer tourettes prank is the cracked screen saver. It’s easy as 1-2-3, but so much fun to watch poor unsuspecting pranky. Watch this video to learn how it’s done.
  9. POST IT OFFICE/GIFT WRAPPING PRANK- The Post It Office office prank is pretty self explanatory one it’s similar to the Gift Wrapping Office Prank. It takes time and effort. In the end they’ll be in for an early Christmas gift or not have to go buy post its for a while. It works out even better if you have one or two other people to help out.
  10. A POINTER A POINTER- Lastly, we have the Pointer A Pointer prank. This is simple and fun. Go into the mouse settings and change the pointer icon for the mouse to the hourglass icon. Now, when they see it they won’t understand why it’s “taking so long” for everything to load. Don’t forget that while you’re in the mouse settings, try some other mischievous things.

Hope you enjoyed this fun article. Always remember that having a great work environment helps everyone. Keep your employees happy. They will not only be motivated to fulfill their tasks, but will look forward to growing with the company.

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