Give Miami Day 2017

Every business has a founder and every founder has a story that shapes the company’s overall culture. Beyond just selling a product or service, a brand
should be a direct extension of its founders and reflect what the company represents. For instance, take Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group-
he believes in “Adventure as a Culture” and is known for his unconventional ways of running his highly successful companies and for his numerous philanthropic
efforts. Inreact’s founders, Ann and Osiris (Osi) Nunez, share Richard’s passion for adventure and philanthropy and additionally have a strong passion
for nature.  

Give Miami Day

Give Miami Day is one of the biggest annual giving events in the United States. Individuals may view hundreds of non-profit organizations in Miami-Dade
County online and make charitable donations for 24 hours beginning November 16th. Inreact recognizes that giving back is essential to the company’s
culture and has chosen to participate in Give Miami Day 2017 by contributing to the Miami-Dade County Parks Foundation. 

Nature as a culture

One of the many interests Ann and Osi shared from the moment they met is their love of nature, including trees*. This love for trees is directly reflected
in Inreact’s everyday culture- there’s minimal paper use, business cards and brochures are the only print the company works with (in limited amounts)
and are smaller than the conventional to use as little paper as possible.

With over 10 years in business, Inreact knows that giving back to a community that has given them so much is an essential part of its success. Watch Ann,
Osi and other community members share why it’s so important for them to give.

(*Stay #InTheKnow: Banyan trees are native to India and in all of North America can only be found in Florida.)

Not sure what organization your company should give to? Think about the philosophies and way that business is done in your company. If the focus is on
health, perhaps participating in 5K would be an alternative to donating money. It will help increase employee morale and also give dimension to your

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