How to Increase your Local Business

When it comes to increasing your local business, there are certain specific tasks that you must focus on. While your website, social media, and internet ads can help you reach a large international audience, these forms of marketing may not be as effective in filtering web traffic to actionable local prospects.

Local Marketing is very effective for businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, lawyers, spas/salons, and many more.

Here are three ways to increase your local business:

1.       Incorporate Localized SEO – Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a way of incorporating keywords into your website content so that your website will show up more frequently on search engines. By localizing your SEO, (for example, using the keyword “Online Marketing Miami” versus just “Online Marketing”) you will drive more potential clients to that specific business location.

2.       Create Some Mystery – One of the most popular things here in Miami are the food trucks. However, it’s near impossible to know where they are unless you check their Twitter or Facebook page. Create some promotions and use free social networking sites to gain appeal and create mystery. Let current customers know that by following you on Twitter or liking your Facebook page, they can find out about special events or promotions. Make sure they understand that they can only find out about these things by being “Exclusive Members” of your fan pages.

3.       Input your Business in Directories – Directories that appeal to nationwide and even international businesses still allow you to localize your business. Use any search engine to complete a web search on free directories. Yahoo!, Google, and Yelp are great places to input your business. When a potential customer searches for the type of business you own, or service you provide, they can complete local searches and your directory entries will allow them to find you. Make sure that the information in the local directories are show the same way.

When trying to gain more of a local following for your business there are many ways to do so. Do your research and use the tips in this article to help increase your local business.


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