I don’t sell anything online, do I need a website?

Of course you need a site. And of course you can afford to get a simple site. It is much easier for a potential customer to access your site and get all the information they need to know about the services or products you provide.

Many people prefer to access information from the privacy of their home, than pick up the phone and call or have to drive to you. How many times do you go online to search for something? If you don’t, ask around. You will then realize that most people search for something on the internet several times a day or ask their computer literate friend/relative to do so.

The best part is that it is a form of advertising that will be seen by billions of people without too much effort from your part. It is easy to tell someone, “Here’s my card, check out the site if you need more info” than having to convince them in person why you’re qualified.

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