Inreact to Partake & Contribute on Give Miami Day

We are at some of our very best when we dedicate time and purpose to giving back. The definition and roots of the very word inform us accordingly. Philanthropy comes from Late Latin philanthrōpia, which in turn comes from Ancient Greek philanthrōpos: phil meaning “humane, kind” and anthrōpos “man, mankind.”

Inreact will be contributing to Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade on Give Miami Day… an ethos for our firm based on the conviction that a truly green conscience and an ecological approach to our surroundings, our world, is the only sound course for all.

Give Miami Day is an initiative devised, organized, and hosted by The Miami Foundation in support of countless organizations to jointly build a greater Miami. This year’s renewed effort will take place on November 21st and feature some exciting new developments that should make the giving process simpler, more direct, and enjoyable.

The Miami Foundation is a community foundation intent on helping charitable donors champion the issues they care for. It collects no fees whatsoever, hosting Give Miami Day to promote philanthropy in Greater Miami.

Any and all charitable organizations and pre-approved philanthropic fund donors are eligible to receive donations/contributions from the public at large. Anyone can participate. 

The event will take place for a full 24 hours, starting at 12 a.m. on November 21st through 12 a.m. on November 22nd. During this interim, all donors can contribute to their favorite non-profit, although the Foundation actively promotes gifting several organizations. Contributions are termed gifts. Minimum gift amount is set at $25, with no limit to either gift amount or number of gifts liable to be presented to any one organization. All gifts and applicable accompanying fees are 100% tax deductible.

Organizations receive the total amount raised by December 31st and are free to use it as they please. This also includes a number of fun schemes meant to augment the total dollar tally received by these charitable entities: bonus dollars (bonus pool of additional funding based on eligible gifts), prizes (direct donations to further help organizations), and match minutes (money match up capped at $15,000). There is a full list of the prizes online at, some of them with such ingenious and locally-pertinent names as The Sleepwalker, The Cafecito, or Another Miami Moment. 

All gifting entities are encouraged to set up champion pages, which is an easy way to support their favorite non-profit. The dedicated URL will help contributors share with their respective networks, establish fundraising goals, keep track of the gifts submitted, and upload content, such a personal story, and images, all of which will enable visitors to actively participate and enjoy the process. 

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