Mapirific™: Don’t Get Lost, Get Found

Let’s say you have a local business, such as a restaurant, professional service or any other business where customers go to your place. Now, what do you do to promote your business and get more customers? You probably know by now that if your business isn’t online you’re going to have a tough time acquiring customers. But which marketing activity should you do? 

There are so many options: Pay-Per-Click, Social Media & SEO, oh my!

  • Pay-Per-Click: Gain instant visibility and be on the first page of search engines practically overnight. Target your customers in the precise moment of action — when they’re searching online.
  • Social Media: More people talking about your business means more customers. Spread your message in entertaining, educational and surprising ways and watch what happens.
  • SEO: Rank your website organically (in other words, you don’t pay when someone clicks on your website’s link, like in Pay-Per-Click) on the search engine results page for a keyword or key-phrase.

Not to mention: Email Marketing, Video & Banner Ads and Embedded Posts are also incredible sources of traffic for your business.

So which one should you do for you local business?

None of the above!

Well, actually all are great and highly effective but for your local business, there’s one that’s absolutely crucial. When 4 out of 5 consumers conduct local searches online, it’s more important than ever that your business appears in the most possible local searches with accurate information.

We developed a service to address this very need for local businesses: Mapirific™.

Here we literally put you on the map!

We place your business on the search engines, maps and apps where customers are already searching for your business. We make sure your business stands out so that you can turn online searchers into offline shoppers.

Inreact analyzes, identifies creates & claims existing listings of your business, also known as citations so all of your content is locked, synced, and updatable across our vast network of over 100 digital channels including:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Google Maps
  • Apple Maps
  • Bing
  • YellowPages
  • Angie’s List
  • Facebook
  • and much more…

The more listings, or citations, you have, the higher you rank on Google, Yahoo & Bing. Which means you get an SEO bump from our PowerListings service!

Naturally, once your information is accurate and has been put across the directories customers are searching, you should then consider implementing the other marketing strategies we mentioned above. For example, should you next consider SEO or Pay-Per-Click?

Let us know what your goals are and we’ll come up with the right plan for you.

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