Marketing! Marketing Everywhere!

In the coming century, marketing will enter a golden age! We now have advertising all around us when we surf the web. Thanks to social media, ads now find homes instantly on the screen of viewers everywhere. And also, they’re smarter than ever.

Advertising began with print ads and billboards targeted at grabbing whom ever happened to be in front of it. Thanks to sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, ads now go directly for their ideal viewer.

Most people who watch videos on YouTube no longer mine having a 10 second commercial before their video plays or a small ad placed on the bottom of the screen which doesn’t obstruct the video.

Thanks to the social sites and information technology, advertisers now have the ability to make their ads more efficient than ever and can see more in return. In a way, the cat and mouse games advertisers have always played is now getting closer and closer. It’s a new digital frontier with so much potential it’s difficult to imagine.

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