Multiple Lawsuits Emerge for Non ADA Compliant Sites

A few weeks ago we received a call from a prospect in the hotel industry that was hit with a lawsuit for non-ADA compliance, which included not having a website that was accessible to the blind. Their website lacked the correct, back-end info that is required for screen readers to easily return the right information to their disabled users.

Bringing a website to ADA compliance requires a set of rigorous tasks that need to be completed on a website, mostly for images that are on sites–as was the case with our, now client.

First, we ran the site through our ADA compliant software to detect all the errors and then worked quickly to correct them. One of the major issues we detected was that none of the images on their site had the required information that screen readers need to explain what is being viewed on the screen. It took a few hours to ensure that all errors were revised, but we knew it was worth it–for both parties involved in the lawsuit.

Several businesses have been targeted by federal disability litigation for having a website that is not accessible to the blind. Restaurants, retail store, art galleries and banks are just some of the industries involved in these lawsuits. And the amount of suits are progressively increasing. In fact, “the number of website-access lawsuits filed in federal court reached 2,250 in 2018, almost three times the 814 filed in 2017, according to law firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP. Most of the cases have been filed in New York and Florida, the firm’s data shows, though a recent appellate decision is likely to prompt more action in California.” (The Wall Street Journal)

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