PR: Owners of Inreact, Inc. Featured in VoyageMIA

Coral Gables, FL: Ann & Osiris Nuñez, of Inreact Inc., a web/app design and development company, were featured in the “Inspiring Stories”
column in the community-focused publication, VoyageMIA. After being contacted and interviewed by Emma Jacobs, of the digital publication, Inreact’s
founders recounted their journey, highlighting the lessons, achievements, and obstacles they’ve faced over their years in operation.

When asked what sets them apart from other companies in their industry, Inreact Co-founder and Creative Director, Ann Nuñez explains, “We like to involve
ourselves in our customers’ lives because we’ve realized that we can all relate. No matter what your background is, whether you’re liberal, conservative,
etc., there is always something that you have in common with another person. I think this is what sets us apart. We try to relate.”


To achieve this recognition, Inreact has executed the following:

  • Continually maintained a “through the client’s eyes” approach on all projects
  • Generated custom solutions to streamline internal company processes
  • Stayed at the forefront of technological advances in app/web design and development and digital marketing trends
About Inreact, Inc.: Inreact, Inc. is a web & app design/development company based in Coral Gables, FL. Founded in 2007. Inreact has
developed over 100 projects for various companies in the government sector such as Miami-Dade Parks Foundation and the private sector such as the University
of Miami. For more information or schedule an interview with Ann or Osiris Nuñez, please email


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