Reactions 101: Facebook Ads

Many business owners are interested in Facebook but are unsure of how to use the social network to generate business. Through Facebook Ads, we’re able to target millions of potential customers and drive growth. In this issue of Reactions 101 we outline our effective, researched and proven Facebook tips to help get your business liked by more customers.

Target the followers of similar brands

If you really want to get the best results, you will see that targeting followers from similar brands might be a very good idea. It’s a lot easier to acquire the right audience and the results will be great. Plus, you can even create separate campaigns for each of the brands that you are targeting and that can be even more efficient.

Relate to your customers

Self promotion isn’t the solution. One of the best Facebook advertising tips is that you have to create meaningful, unique ads that relate to the customers and which provide them some value. Make them interested in your product, create a story around it and the target audience will be a lot more enticed to check out your ad.

Use images and test them

Make sure that you use images in your posts, but keep in mind that you can be creative with them if you want. Sites like FreeImages offer free stock images that come in various sizes, so you can easily add and customize them if you want. Plus, you can use the same image in order to create multiple ad variations, as that also works great.


You should try to get new customers, true, but at the same time your eyes should also be on the old customers as well. Retargeting is possible on Facebook and it can be the best way to create return business!


It’s a good idea to collaborate with others in your industry. If you do such a thing, showcase that in your ad and results will be great. Keep that in mind as it will be very helpful for you. Plus, you can create videos that showcase your connection with other relevant companies and use these as your ad. Results will definitely be great this way!

Create meaningful content

Obviously, one of the best Facebook advertising tips is to create meaningful content. If you really want your content to bring in success, make sure that it’s accurate, relatable and easy to browse through it. As we mentioned earlier, creating a story and keeping it short can be the right solution. However, don’t be afraid to experiment as the return on investment can be very good this way!

Aside from these Facebook advertising tips, there are some others you should focus on, such as:

  • Perform breakout campaigns by placement
  • Experiment with multiple types of ads and vary your copy
  • Use dedicated location options
  • Try to target lookalike audiences as well
  • Create different ad sets for each of your audiences
  • Always try to mine audience insights

Use these ideas and harness their potential as fast as possible, you will be more than impressed with the results!

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