Search vs. Display: Differences


  • Search engine specific. Google specific.
  • Ads located only on Search Results Sponsored Section.
  • Action: Intent
  • Quick answers. Direct solutions.
  • Emergency / Specific / Immediacy Products
  • When in Need Businesses (plumbers, locksmiths, lawyer, etc.)
  • PPC advertising campaign for direct sales
  • Campaign goal differentiation
  • No image ads, only text
  • Conversion: High-intent, targeted searches prone to convert and drive sales.


  • No relationship to search engines or search results.
  • Ads displayed across different websites, on a number of display formats.
  • Action: Grow Brand Awareness
  • ‘Gentler’ push.
  • Not Immediate Sales Products
  • Drop Off, retargeting approach
    Brand stays top of mind for prospects.
  • Lead generation
  • Campaign product organization
  • Imaging in ads
  • Awareness: Building brand awareness on websites for later, more thoughtful sales.


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