Service Plans: A Case Study

You did it. Your website or app is now live. You can sit back and relax now that all the hard work is done. Oh, how we wish it were that easy! Unfortunately, that’s just not how the ever-changing world works. Security threats, market demands and content changes are a few of the reasons why you’ll need the peace-of-mind of a Service Plan.

When we design a website, build custom software or develop a mobile application, we always make sure that our customers can add, edit and delete all content via a CMS — after all they did pay for it; we don’t believe in locking you in.

However, our customers are busy running their businesses, startups and non-profits and while we always provide easy-to-follow training videos, they don’t always have the time to implement their changes. Not to mention, that while we provide the tools to make changes, when it’s a coding or design change, you’ll need our expertise.

Due to this, we developed 4 Service Plans (Starter, Advance, Pro & Elite) that include a number of service hours (at a discounted rate) that allows you tap into our entire team whenever needed for whatever you can dream up. Oh, and you get priority turnaround time, too!

Ok, but what if you don’t plan on making that many changes to your site or app?

This is where the peace of mind comes in. Every single one of our Service Plans, in addition to the discounted block of time, come with Weekly File & Database Backups, Server & Anti-Spam Hardening and a Web Access Firewall.

Case Study

We have a customer, a local spa, that was unfortunately getting her website attacked almost monthly. We’d patch up the exploit, hope that the hosting company had made a backup, restore her site, rinse and repeat for the next month. Since there was no one monitoring the site, there would sometimes be days of downtime, she’d usually only find out once one of her regulars would bring it up. We can only imagine the loss in potential business this must of cost her.

We’d suggest a Service Plan as this was essentially a sort of Insurance/Warranty which would guarantee her website was up and running without issue. But, once the problem was fixed, the urgency would vanish. It wasn’t until the site went down for the 3rd time in a short time that she agreed to our recommendation. Needless to say, her site has been up ever since and she’s been using her Service Hours for us to create some beautiful graphics she uses online and in her store. 

We take your goals and strive to meet and surpass them. Many times, this can’t be done with a one-off solution. Put the power of our team in your hands though our Service Plans and let us not only be on call but proactive in our approach to your digital presence.

Call us at 1 (855) 446-7322 or click here to see what we can do together.

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