Simple Tasks You Can Do to Create a More Equal Workplace

As far as the importance of social corporate factors go, gender equality and equal employment opportunity (covering diverse discrimination factors such as age, ethnicity, color and national origin, disability, sexual preference, etc.) are among the principal frontrunners in today’s race to understand why certain companies thrive in our ever-competitive business environment and others don’t. From historical rarity to common sense goal not so long ago, over the last decade both gender equality and equal employment opportunity have become a precondition to address such key elements as governance, advancement opportunity, decision-making, corporate development and, ultimately, success, forever expanding the scope of a firm’s skill and creativity pool.

Here’s a few things you can easily tackle (at least conceptually, for starters) to get your firm on the right track…
Alas, on oh so many levels!

Rethink and Modify Hiring Practices to Increase Diversity

Expanding the applicant pool, for starters. It is no secret by now that more inclusive and diverse work environments are systematically outperforming those that are not, i.e., dominated by a single sex or ethnicity. Moreover, firms dominated by a single factor tend to go out into the market to find that it is a whole lot more diverse than they are… so how about all those industries where understanding your client’s needs and putting yourself in their shoes is paramount? Oh, wait, that’s all of them.

Consider and Grant Leadership Roles Based on Diversity

Reassess and/or clarify the job description of the senior leadership team. Consider barriers towards women or immigrants or disabled people and fix them. Here’s an idea: when the next board seat vacates: treat it as an opportunity to address the gender imbalance. 

Rush Equal Pay

At this point in time, having to address this is embarrassing. To all parts. On the one hand, no equal pay for the same work, skill level and hours IS unconstitutional. At the very least, you should start working to minimize the impact of this and getting up to par anyone in the process who has been short-changed.

Consider Unconscious Biases

Because for the most part up to now, a white American-born male has been on the other side of the applicant and interviewee table, at least fathom that we all carry around inherent biases, whether we like it or not, realize it or not. Moves to delete names from resumes are good starting points to eliminate discrimination on the basis of, let’s say, gender or ethnicity or sexual condition. Also, allowing candidates to explain multi-gap years in their CVs brings added opportunities to moms or people who had to or opted for taking care of family due to illness or other life-changing circumstances.

Apply Effective Policies against Workplace Harassment and Offenses

Here’s another no-brainer. Beyond the incredibly offensive situation brewing within teams when things like these happen, there’s the obvious problem of getting sued and of losing public face and image, both of which can be incredibly costly to restitute. ‘Obliterate harassment and offenses’ (sexual, ethnic, physical) should be the it concept, the golden rule in a state of permanent heyday.

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