Squarespace VS WordPress

It’s a beautiful day here at Inreact’s Racetrack and do we have a show for you!
Squaring off like in a pressing catch bout, contenders Squarespace and WordPress, don their distinctive zip silks, the betting folk are placing their trifecta and exacta wagers, but the verdict for the best website platform is not yet in the books… 
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Ease of Use

Although WordPress has made great strides to keep offering a true beginner’s tool at all costs, it has sacrificed some of it in favor of increased user control over design and functionality. Without even so much as setting up a hosting supplier or buying a domain, Squarespace makes things as easy and simple and yummy as cherry pie.

Winner: Squarespace by a length


Well now folks, WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS), whereas Squarespace is a closed-source platform. This normally doesn’t really bother introductory website owners. But what it means is Squarespace will always maintain almost complete control over your website, while WordPress allows you to host on any server and make as many modifications and extensions as you darn well want! As someone really intelligent named Gen Herres once wrote, “closed source means you give up freedom, but also the ensuing responsibilities; open source means you have all the freedom, but also the responsibility of taking care of it.”*
Winner: WordPress by the nose, but truly because of the positive tint of open vs closed

Functionality & Flexibility

No contest here, with WordPress packing an impressive third-party repository of themes with unlimited extensions and plugins, millions of templates and customization options galore. Squarespace, meanwhile, has very limited third-party integrations

Winner: WordPress, just romping towards the finish line

Target Client

Squarespace is simplicity and therein lies its success. Geared mostly towards absolute beginners, it works as well for businesses who just need a simple online design with conventional features. This is a boon for many startups, assured that maintenance costs will be next to nothing, curated designs are covered, and your content tied to top quality servers. WordPress also works for beginners, with a slightly steeper learning curve given the breadth of options. The customization potential of this platform is almost endless, preferred by most webmasters over Squarespace. Advanced membership, e-learning, job board sites and marketplaces, truly any business looking to really up the ante on their digital presence has their preferred supplier in WordPress. 

Winner: Dead-heat at the wire (meaning it’s a tie, fellahs!)

Customer Service

Squarespace and WordPress both have myriad support options, including community forums (WordPress system is impressive), extensive literature, and video tutorials. In-house support at Squarespace offers no phone option, but a live chat during business hours and 24/7 email assistance. With WordPress, it will all depend on who you have your hosting with and the customer service offer they deliver.

Winner: Dead-heat again, since your WordPress host may or may not deliver the goods, so who knows…

Analytics & SEO

Once again, no contest, with most SEO and marketing firms clearly favoring the richer, highly customizable WordPress offering. While Squarespace allows for standard SEO tools and makes blogging and social sharing available, WordPress has that plus SEO extensions and custom controls and was specifically built for blogging and for social sharing and massive integration. 

Winner: Clear win for WordPress

So, who is the winner? If you ask us, we’ll say WordPress is the best, no-strings-attached, platform that keeps on giving with the ability to constantly expand and improve your online presence.

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