The Top Ten Gifts for Clients

There are a few basics to keep in mind when making gifts to your clients. The first and most obvious factor is, of course, whether their corporate bylaws allow for this. So, here, you need to do your homework in advance. The second element is how to make these gifts personal, personalized, and personable, the 3 Ps… I mean, you actually do want them to mean something to the person or team on the receiving end… which might ultimately also be of great help when dealing with the customer churn rate in your firm. Also, you cannot overdo it. If you’re gifting a $150 product for a $300 a year client, you’re in murky waters. Finally, you should start thinking outside the holiday season box. As is the case with friends and family with b-days and typical gifting seasons, providing a thoughtful present in, say, March, may make it all the more special, also since it will probably be the only corporate gift arriving at that time. 

So here are the top 10 gifts for clients:

  1. 1. A Tentative List of 10
    Team Experiences.

    Like a rock-climbing outing, a five-star spa experience or a salsa lesson for the entire Marketing team. Whatever it is, it speaks to your eco-friendly commitment –no plastic boxes or intricate packaging to unwrap– and to your organizational skills, since you do not have to collect names and/or addresses, making the process that much simpler.

  1. 2. The Latest Local Brew or Spirit.

    Of course, it needs to be conveniently and exclusively packaged, with customization options a key element here. For example, you may choose to add a couple of tasting or shot glasses made out of sea salt or jade to up the wow factor. This will speak of your commitment to and know-how of your community, especially if the HQ of the makers is around the corner or not far from your client. 

  1. 3. Key Speaker or Guest.

    It cannot get any more personalized than this if you are able to bring in, for a short presentation or lecture at their offices, your client’s favorite author, future star athlete, TV starlet, or wonder boy. We all know how meeting someone in the flesh makes all the difference. 

  1. 4. Personalized Gourmet Basket.

    If it’s going to be a basket, which is one of the most common gifts, put your heart and soul into it. First, be sure you can personalize it with your client’s logo, brand name or anagram of some sort. Then, make sure it’s something unique. Say, some European delicacy which may be hard to come by (Iberico, bone-in, full leg of ham), a green option (garden rhubarb or fruit, maybe) from the hills of Montana or wherever, an obscure and beautiful cactus gem collection from local breeders in the High Andes, or a decadent selection of chocolates from some renowned or revolutionary chocolatier… like New York’s Jacques Torres or Spain’s Oriol Balaguer. 

  1. 5. Grooming Kit.

    Everyone loves all the tidy bits and pieces surrounding the art of grooming. The unexpected paint can presentation of the Man Can could be the way to go. Or the Sandalwood Natural Bath Basket for her. It could even be a book, like The Quintessential Grooming Guide or Timeless: A Century of Iconic Looks. Hey, if you know your client has a mascot prancing around its offices, it could even be a grooming kit for that adorable puppy!! 

  1. 6. Coffee Table Book.

    But only be if it’s: (a) very specifically geared to your client’s declared tastes or is in any way connected to their core values or product/service lines, (b) if it’s a book that just came out about the iconography or the architecture of the neighborhood or city you’re both in and so identify with; (c) the presentation has a wow or deluxe factor that will turn heads while their clients or suppliers are waiting around in their offices. 

  1. 7. Portable Phone Chargers.

    If you know your client’s activity is phone call-intensive, this might be the ticket. It’s good for in-and-out of office and the selection out there just keeps getting better and better with the specs. From the inexpensive but solid BONAI power bank to the slicker wireless Samsung Qi charging station. Many turbo power banks come with customizable options, so you can always add your client’s logo on the back. 

  1. 8. Charity Donation.

    If you already know that a material, physical gift won’t make the cut, for whatever reason, making a charity donation in your client’s name is a solid, thoughtful, and principled gift that honors both them and you. Be sure to find a foundation that establishes a growing bond between you both. 

  1. 9. Catered Lunch.

    Hey, you don’t need go overboard with this. But if you know your client is exceptionally bananas over the burrito shack around the corner or the brisket sandwich deli dive down the street –among other thing because he or she will not stop taking you there or ordering in when you’re at their offices– your gift is conveniently and thoughtfully solved. Just be sure to make the selection large enough for sharing among work colleagues and/or convince the caterers to name a special creation of the day after your client’s corporate name. 

  1. 10. Cool customized socks for X-Mas.

    This might be a great idea for a small group of people in your client’s winning team. Just make sure you put some time and effort and get socks that mean something for everyone at the team… if possible. The selection out there is larger than you think. They might even be a two-in-one. Good for X-Mas tree hanging, but also good to wear.

Have you given any cool corporate gifts? What corporate gifts would you like to receive? Comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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