Top Google Search Results Without Going Insane

Being ranked as the first website for a keyword that is very high-competition for your company is a huge feat. This takes a strong understanding of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, as well as many other details, some that Google keeps secret and some that you can achieve on your own or with a trusted online marketing company. By employing certain techniques, your website can move to the top of Google Search results.

Here are two things to remember when promoting your website with Google:

Be Patient – A website with fully-optimized content is not going to be the first item listed on Google for certain keywords immediately after publishing it. Many people believe that by reading a few articles on search engines and using organic SEO within their website content will instantly boost their traffic, and move their site to the top of search engines. When that doesn’t happen right away, many people give up. By publishing quality content with high-search, low-competition keywords on a regular basis, your website stays fresh and continues to be indexed by Google. Once Google can see that you care for your website as if it were your offspring, you’ll start to see your site move higher up in the search results.

Focus on Quality – We’ve all seen the spam comments on webpages that are just a ton of links without any explanation behind them. Google is one of the top search engines because it is sophisticated enough to catch things like this. Quality content on your website is key. Be sure to employ someone who writes descriptively and in a captivating manner. Of course, this person must also know how to incorporate SEO keywords into that content for maximum optimization. But it must be noted that Google will catch you if you decide to write an entire paragraph that just says, “We sell clothes. We like clothes. We love clothes… etc.” The content must include both SEO and quality content. Not just one or the other.

This may not seem like much, but these two tips can go a very long way in improving your rankings for your website on Google.

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